Coffee From Chickpeas

There is an interesting recipe for fans of unusual drinks. This chickpea beans coffee is also good for people who are prohibited from using the caffeine for medical reasons.

You can complement the drink with any vegetable milk, but sesame or almond is a perfect one. You can use honey or vegetable syrup as a sweetener.

You will need (for 2 drinks):

Chickpeas - 1 ounce (2 tablespoons).
Agave syrup - 2 to 4 teaspoons.
Sesame milk - 3 tablespoons.
Water - 8 oz.

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Put the chickpeas on a dry frying pan in a single layer.

Fry on medium heat or in an oven until the color will be close to the coffee beans color. The time is about 15 minutes. Stir while frying.

Cool to room temperature and grind in a coffee grinder to get the chickpea powder.

Pour the coffee into the warmed cups, add the syrup to taste. Separately serve the heated

 The coffee drink can be served hot or cold.


Written by Parabola Coffee