The Pour-Over Technique

How to Brew Coffee Using The Pour-Over Technique

Coffee lovers like brewing coffee using the pour-over method because it produces just the perfect cup of coffee. 


What You Will Need:

Freshly-ground coffee, Pour-over device, Filter Carafe Boiling water Pouring kettle Scale Timer


Step 1: Rinse

Pour a few grams of hot water over the filter to rinse some paper or chlorine flavors away. Discard the water.

Step 2: Prepare

Place the pour-over device, wet filter, and carafe onto the scale. Tare the scale. Add 22 grams of freshly-ground coffee. Shake it gently until it is level. Tare the scale again. Set the timer.

Step 3: Bloom

Add 66 grams of water. The water temperature should be just off a boil. Stir gently using a spoon as you make all coffee grounds wet. The “bloom” allows the carbon dioxide that is trapped in the coffee to escape.

Step 4: Brew

After 45 seconds, do the main pour. Keep the pouring kettle at the same height while spreading the pour. The goal is to reach the total brew weight, 360 grams, right at 1:45 on the timer. Stir gently. This will prevent the grounds from sticking to the wall of the filter.

Step 5: Spin

After 1 minute and 45 seconds, grab the brewer and give it a little bit of a spin. This prevents the coffee grounds from sticking to the wall of the filters and flattens the coffee bed. Step 6: Drain and Enjoy! Allow the water to drain, and enjoy drinking your freshly-brewed coffee!

Step 6: Drain and Enjoy!

Allow the water to drain, and that's it, enjoy drinking freshly-brewed coffee!


Scot Rao's Pour over Method:

Written by Parabola Coffee