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  • Coffee From Chickpeas

    Coffee From Chickpeas

    An interesting recipe for fans of unusual drinks. This chickpea beans coffee is also good for people who are prohibited from using the caffeine for medical reasons.
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  • How-To Cold Brew at Home Bruh!

    How-To Cold Brew at Home Bruh!

    Using any cold brew coffee maker, simply scale up this recipe to your cold brew maker at home! 

    1. Fill infuser or filter with ½ cup of coarsely ground coffee. 
    2. Add 4oz of water to water to fill container an inch or so from the top. 
    3. Make sure grounds are fully saturated in the water by gently swirling or tilting the container back and forth.
    4. Place container in room temperature [not exceeding 83°F] for 12 hours or in refrigerator for 24 hours.
    5. Remove infuser or filter. Taste it if strong may need diluting 1:1 ration of water per fluid oz of cold brew.  Enjoy!
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  • Water You Talking About?

    Water You Talking About?

      You got 99 problems...98% are water.   Let’s start with the basics. Coffee is 98% water. And water contains trace amounts of minerals. These minerals can enhance, detract, or negatively interact with the flavor, aromas and characteristics of coffee. So the type, origin, and quality of water can make or break your brew. Here are our friendly tips.   The Trap of Tap   Not all tap water is created equal. Depending on where you live, tap water is treated with chlorine and sometimes fluoride. These chemical additives, and their bi-products, such as chloramine, not only negatively affect the...

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  • The Pour-Over Technique

    The Pour-Over Technique

    How to Brew Coffee Using The Pour-Over Technique Coffee lovers like brewing coffee using the pour-over method because it produces just the perfect cup of coffee.    What You Will Need: Freshly-ground coffee, Pour-over device, Filter Carafe Boiling water Pouring kettle Scale Timer Procedure: Step 1: Rinse Pour a few grams of hot water over the filter to rinse some paper or chlorine flavors away. Discard the water. Step 2: Prepare Place the pour-over device, wet filter, and carafe onto the scale. Tare the scale. Add 22 grams of freshly-ground coffee. Shake it gently until it is level. Tare the...

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  • Coffee Grind Size Is All The Difference

    Coffee Grind Size Is All The Difference

    We take a minute to discuss how course you should grind your coffee specifically to how you brew your coffee at home.
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