Thrasher's Blend

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A simple but radical coffee for those who thrash their body for the thrill of the sport! Roasted medium, bringing you a coffee that goes great with milk and sugar or just straight-up black!

Best enjoyed with your friends at the skate park.

Flavor Profile: Darkslide chocolate, roasted almonds, and black cherry
Roast Level: Medium
Blend: Mexico and Guatemala Coffee
About: We have grown so in love with skateboarding.  The skating community is a solidarity of misfits who choose to master an incredibly hard skill and thrash their bodies with only a few watching.  We respect that!

We think skate communities in San Diego are underfunded and we want to give back.  With the purchase of Thrasher's Blend, you will be supporting the local San Diego Skate scene, with a portion of the proceeds going to a local skate charity!



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